I'm Mark Iliffe - I Make Maps

I fell in love with cartography as an exhange student in Nancy, France in 2007. Since then I've mapped in England, France, Germany, Kenya and most recently Tanzania, surveying anything and everything from flamingos to informal developments. I love how representations of space and place can transform and dictate movement, policy and thinking. Then how barriers to this historically esoteric art can be lowered so all can participate.

As a PhD candidate at the Horizon Digital Economy Institute, a research group at the University of Nottingham. My research interests include Geospatial Information Systems, ICT4D, Spatial Data Structures and Community Mapping. I have spoken at Open Source GIS and AGI GeoCommunity - winning delegate's best paper - among other conferences. My publications are on Mendeley.

I am also the co-founder and principal of 7clusters, a geospatial consultancy in the United Kingdom. I also consult for the World Bank Global ICT sector on ICT and Geospatial Information in developing nations. Aside from research and client work, projects include the community reporting and reconstrucion platform Taarifa and finding the best motorbike route to Ljublana, Slovenia.

I blog, tweet, locate and photograph my world.

The layout for this page is on GitHub and is forked from The Personal Page and inspired by Tim Lum/Gary Gale's implementation.